Monday, July 19, 2010

Crazy Summer!

Okay, just to let everyone know... I'm a liar. I promised I would update this more than every 8 weeks but I just can't seem to make it happen. I guess it would help if we actually stayed home. Summers are fast and crazy for us, and adding a baby to the mix makes it even wilder. Brittany also got to come down for a few weeks and we had a really great time. Just a brief synopsis of our summer- We picked Brittany up in Dallas and spent a few days there, which included a trip to the Ft. Worth zoo; then it was off to Garner to dance and float the Frio; we went to San Antonio for the Texas Big Game Awards; back to the Frio; then to Kerrville for the Taxidermy convention and competition. In between all that were trips to our new place in Kent Co., another trip to Dallas to fly Brittany back, and lots of work!

So what's new in the land of Tac? Well, he will be 7 months old tomorrow and he's crawling, pulling up and into everything! As of 5 nights ago, we started sleeping through the night (woohoo!!). We've started on cereals, and a little baby food which is lots of fun. And,he has officially found the kitty's water bowl. (He and the kitty are not friends.)

This was on my birthday. I've always said that I wanted a pink Barbi jeep, so Al had this done for me to use around the gin! He is an amazing gift giver!!
Cat woman and Robin to the rescue!!

Working in the yard is much more interesting with a baby (and takes about 3 times as long). Tac seems to enjoy it though!

We LOVE the water!!

This was at the Texas taxidermy convention. Al entered the 3 pieces below and did really great! I started a bobcat, but wound up just taking a baby. Oh well, maybe if I start now I'll be able to have one ready for next year's convention.

Mr. and Mrs. McBride..... we've officially adopted them. :)

One of the most exciting things going on in our life right now is the new land we have up in Kent County. It's 160 acres, with 1/2 mile of water running through it--Duck Creek. (We're trying to come up with a name for the place if any of you have ideas) This has been one of Al's dreams and it's been so much fun to start making it our own. Thanks God. We do have a lot of work ahead of us though, and it's definately going to be a process. Below is Al on the bull dozer he had brought out to cut some roads. His dad also came down to help and they had alot of fun . I don't know what it is about men and tearing things down. Watching them on the bull dozer reminded me of a couple of little boys that walk up on a pyramid of neatly stacked cans. Why knock them down? Because they can.

Dad caught several good size catfish in the creek. I have a feeling Tac and Poppy will spend lots of time at the creek!

Our first experience with didn't go extremely well, so I finally gave in and just let him have the bowl. You'd think from all these pics that my child is never clean or dry. I promise he is, atleast at night.

Brittany is 12 now and will be going into 7th grade at her school in Atlanta. She and Tac really hit it off!

Swim during the day, dance at night. What a life!

Move over Baby Einstein.... Daddy's toys are way cooler. If you can imagine, I think our days of bringing Tac to the shop with us are coming to a close.

Two peas.

I think you're never too old to go to the zoo. And there's no one that appreciates the beauty of an animal more than a couple of taxidermists. I'm sure there weren't too many other onlookers at the zoo watching the Ibex admiring the shape of his ear. : )