Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ainsley is here!!

Everyone, meet our newest addition! Born December 19th, weighing 6 lb 5 oz and measuring 19 inches, Ainsley Grayce finally arrived. She came 3 1/2 weeks early, but after the days we had leading up to her birth, saying she "finally arrived" is an understatement. I want to thank everyone for rallying around us and covering us in prayer during that time.... I honestly don't know how we'd have made it otherwise. How humbling it is to find out that people across the state of Texas were praying for us and there to support us. We love you all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I really wish I had more opportunities to post because there's so much I want to share. So.... I'm going to rewind and go back to the other things going on with us leading up to this point!

With all we had going on, it's a wonder I even made it close to my due date. Just the fact that we survived November was a miracle! Here's a few things that month included: My baby shower, my month to host my girl's bunco group, me working a Walk to Emmaus, finishing up the house, getting moved into the house, and Thanksgiving-- all done while we were ginning! We ginned 14,610 bales, which is pretty incredible on a dry year like this, and we actually ginned more than any other gin in the county. Its hard to believe that just a few years ago we were watching the gin burn and feeling so hopeless. I'm so proud of Al- he's worked so hard. Also, finishing the house was quite a feat. We are LOVING it. After Christmas and baby my house kind of looks like Santa's sleigh had a wreck in the living room, so as soon as I get all the toys contained stay tuned for my next post for a tour of the house!
These were maternity pics that Crista did for us. I wish I could post them all because they were all so good!

Halloween 2011-  My very own little Davy Crockett. He was pretty cute, if I do say so myself. And this year he really got into the whole trick-or-treating. The only problem was, it took us forever to get from house to house because everytime a bird flew over he had to put his pumpkin down and stop to shoot the bird. It's amazing how much killing that little toy gun does-- and how accurate it is. Every time he shoots one he looks at me and says, "Got him!."

My amazing friend Erika threw me a baby shower so that we could add some pink to our lives before baby arrived! We have so many incredible friends that seem to never stop giving. Thank you everyone. We came home and were able to fill Ainsley's closet and bow rack. Have no fear--- Ainsley's head will never be naked!
Tac even managed to make it home from the shower with a few things of his own!
This was Tac's birthday party, which was held a few days before his actual birthday. (Thank goodness- we wound up being in the hospital on his birthday.) He turned 2 on the 20th, the day after Ainsley was born! He's so much fun right now. I am amazed at the natural instinct little boys are born with to turn any household object into a bat, a sword, or a gun. He loooooves tractors, so we had a John Deere themed party.
I think I counted 21 kids plus all their parents at the party. This picture in no way does justice to the chaos involved in watching 21 kids run through the house, up the stairs, and down the game room ladder. It was wild, but it was a blast and Al and I loved every minute. We always dreamed of having a house where we could host things like this. This is in our new home, looking up from the living room. We started moving while we were in full force of ginning. Our goal was to be in and completely settled by the birthday party (Dec. 10th) and I think about 10 minutes before the party started we actually managed to get it done. For everyone out there, I would NOT reccomend moving while being pregnant, especially if there are stairs involved.
A drum set..... a precious gift from our dear friends Will and Shayla. I'm thinking for Landree's birthday she might want us to get her a puppy. Or a fog horn. All joking aside, Tac loves playing the drums! Yippy.

At the ranch for the weekend. After the drought this past year and the creek nearly drying up we were pretty excited to catch this big catfish!
Ainsley's birth--
Our drama started the week before when Al rushed me to the hospital in severe pain. It turned out to be a kidney stone. I guess because I was so big and fat pregnant I couldn't pass the stone, so I got a kidney infection. All the pain and stress on my body kicked me into labor and made me start having contractions around the clock. I've often heard people debate on whether a kidney stone or childbirth is more painful. After going through it, I honestly can't tell you which is worse, I just know that at the same time definitely isn't good. Again, thanks to everyone for your prayers. After 5 days of no food, no sleep, and more pain than I've ever endured in my whole life, I finally started dialating and gave birth. (And I passed the stone!) The doctors were afraid the infection I had might have passed to Ainsley, so she went straight to NICU. We stayed at the Ronald McDonald House a few days and ended up getting to bring her home earlier than expected but then got put back in the hospital for Christmas because of her jaundice. When we weren't having to stay at the hospital we were having to go back and forth to the doctor to have her checked. And as if all of this wasn't a whirlwind enough, we brought her home from the hospital on the 25th and I went back to work on the 27th. When you're involved in agriculture this time of year is pretty unforgiving. We've joked that God gave me two Christmas babies so that I would atleast get a couple days off! All that being said, we are all doing really well now.
Whew-- finally all over!
Penny- What would I do without her?

Tac has blown us away at how sweet and loving he is toward her. He wants to hold her, kiss on her, and watch everything. I really though he'd be jealous, but I don't think it has occurred to him that he might not be the center of attention anymore. He is pretty rough, though, and constantly wants to share his food with her. I've caught him cramming marshmallows in her mouth, giving her chips, and pouring juice on her. He also has carried her around and dumped her out of the swing. If she survives him I think we'll be doing good.
Gently giving her the pacifier. He also is realy sweet about sharing with her. There's always a hammer or a toy car in her bed and he loves giving her stickers.
Christmas-- Santa did make it to our house, just a little late. I wonder how many other kids got an inflatable deer target from Santa. Tac really got excited about Santa, or as he calls him, "HoHo." While I was in the hospital, Aunt Crista took him to SantaLand. She said he got all excited when he saw Santa's reindeer and started saying, "Shoot 'em, shoot 'em!!" How do you teach him that there's no season on Rudolph?

Brittany got to come in for her Christmas break and got to be here for Ainsley's birth. She was really great with Tac and they had a good time.

This was Tac's Christmas present from Nana and Papa- his very own recliner. I didn't even realize until I took the picture that they were dressed alike that day!

The cousins together at Christmas. This was as close as we could get at a picture with all of them cooperating and looking.
At the stock show

Taegan and Tripp showing off their trophies

My 3 favorite  people in the whole world.... all in one bath tub. I'm sure Al is loving that I'm posting this picture, but if you'd have been there, it really was a priceless scene. I am blessed.