Friday, December 3, 2010

Just ginning

December has just begun, and we've already ginned 25,000 bales!! This is a great season and we've ran really well! We are soooo thankful for such a great run, but I have to admit I'm getting worn out and am starting to look for that last bale to come through.

Tac is a mess. A big one. He gets whatever he wants, when he wants. Just yesterday, Dan was teaching him to throw rocks and Al was teaching him to climb the antenna. Al is also teaching him that naps are bad and so are vegetables. I have this vision of a few years down the road, people seeing us coming and turning around and running. DISCLAIMER--- I take no responsibility for the monster in the making. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle.

In the last couple of weeks, Tac has decided that crawling is for babies and that Daddy is waaaay cooler than Mom. I have to admit it kind of hurts my feelings.... especially when he walks over to Al and then turns around and waves bye to me. See ya Mom, I'm going with Dad. It's like he's not even a baby anymore.

Also, in my last post I forgot to mention that, thanks to Tac, Al and I both have new phones. Mine was salvageable, but unfortunately Al lost all his numbers. So, if you haven't talked to Al in a while you might text or call so he can restore your number.

Below are a few pics of life with the Crisp's here lately:
Happy Turkey Day!! We shut down Thanksgiving and spent it up at Duck Creek. We had such a great time and didn't want to come back to the gin! To top it off, Dad caught 2 catfish and got a buck!!

Tac "helping" decorate the tree. We only had to throw away a few broken ones.

For those of you who don't know much about a gin, the ginner carries a stick in his back pocket so he can poke at the cotton that gets bunched up coming down the gin stand. Tac has seen this done a time or two and thinks he knows how. He also loves playing in the cotton from the overflow (below).

A couple more that Crista did.

Don took Dan and I up in the helicopter to take pictures of the cotton being stripped. There were modules as far as you could see in all directions. It really looks beautiful from the air.

Taegan loves being naked. He peed on the rug shortly after this. It's like having a puppy. I didn't rub his nose in it though.

Tac really loves Jose. They have lots of fun together.

Landree came to see us one day. Aren't they cute together? We're setting up an arranged marriage.

Al had him convinced there was something underneath the bed. No wonder he thinks Al is more fun than me. I could never think of some of this stuff.

Happy Halloween!!!
Tac was a moose for Halloween. He really liked holding the pumpkin. The candy wasn't too bad either.