Monday, October 25, 2010

Ginning season is here!! We've ginned almost 5,000 bales already and the gin is running really good. The weeks leading up to start-up were a whirlwind and I was really dreading getting started, but I have to admit it's nice to be in a routine finally. Something exciting we have this year is a new website for the gin. If you have time, go to and check it out.
Tac is going to be completely rotten after this gin season. Everyone that comes in the office either brings him something or plays with him. And, he thinks that everyone that walks through the door has to hold him. It doesn't matter if it's a customer, truck driver, or one of the gin hands, he crawls up to them and holds up his hands until they pick him up. And if there's not someone there to mess with him, he's got Dan taking him out to the gin or out riding on the golf cart. What a stinker.

Here's a few pics of some things going on with us lately:
Tac has his very own jersey that he wears to all the games. He' s #3 just like Dad.
This was at homecoming. Denise even made him a little garter to wear and it was really cute.

Al and I each got an antelope this year. His was in Borden County and mine was up near Panhandle. I know what you're wondering--....... his was bigger.

In Odem at Nana and Papa's house. He loves his Papa.

In San Angelo at Mimi's on the way to Odem. That's a really long drive for little man!!

Working on the place at Duck Creek. Tac always wants to help Dad, and sometimes I think Tac really believes he's helping.

It sure is a good thing we had someone to sample our dirt for us before we put in the water line.

This year marked Al's 10th year to own the gin. We went all out with a big party out in the gin. Some of the party attractions included: the world champion chuckwagon, a bounce house for the kids, live music, family portraits, and lots of door prizes. The party went really great and was a lot of fun. Thanks for celebrating with us!!

One neat surprise at the party was the presentation Al's parents made to him. Ten years ago, Al took a sample out of the very first bale he ginned and sent it off to have a miniature bale made out of it. He then presented it to his Papaw Crisp. Al always wanted Papaw to see the gin run, but he never made it, so this was Al's way of sending the gin to him. At the party, his parents presented the bale back to Al. Papaw Crisp died 2 weeks later.

Al also made a special presentation to our #1 man- Jose, for 10 years of working for him. Jose is amazing and I often wonder how other businesses make it without a Jose to keep things going.

Mama's recipe box. Lots of fun.

Life at the gin office.

I finally figured out how to post a video clip. I hope it makes you smile.
Happy baby.