Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer 2011

Well, I know I'm a little late getting this posted, but for those of you who don't already know.... BABY #2 is on the way!! I'm just finishing up my first trimester, due Jan 12. I have to say, being pregnant is REALLY hard with a toddler around. Little man just doesn't understand why mom is suddenly such a bum all the time. He also thinks I've invented a new fun game where we run to the bathroom, stick our faces in the toilet, and make spitting and gagging noises. I have to admit, it is pretty funny to see his spin on all this. Taegan is 18 months old now and is loving summer. We are busy with taxidermy and have several projects going: rebuilding the inside of the gin, building the house, and getting ready for baby. (sigh).......pray for rain!!!!

Everyone, meet Josh. Josh is Al's cousin and is currently the newest resident of Punkin Center. (Can you believe in the last two years we've doubled our population here? At this rate we may need to go ahead and elect a mayor...maybe even set up some city ordinances.... #1: No shooting birds out of the trees during napping hours ...)
 Josh moved here almost 3 months ago and is doing taxidermy, helping with the house and gin, and is occasionally forced to hunt. I really don't know what we'd do without him.
Easter seems like forever ago, but I never did post pics so I wanted to share these. We had so much fun, and as you can see, the Easter bunny was good to Tac. This is a good stage because he cares more about opening and closing the eggs than he cares about what's inside them. Also, it doesn't even have to be candy or a toy inside the egg; a rock or piece of trash will do just as long as it makes noise when you shake it. ;)

He can be a little dramatic.

The confetti eggs were a lot of fun, but after a war a few years back, Mom now has a rule that all confetti eggs have to stay outside. What a bummer.

Krue Ryker Gray. My new nephew born just in time for Easter.

Cousins. Addisyn-4, Taegan- 16 mo, Krue- 4 days. As rough as Tac is, it's pretty nerveracking to sit him next to a 4 day old baby. Makes me wonder how our baby #2 is gonna survive.

Tac's favorite thing is for the guys to shoot their bows in the evening, and thankfully, it's really not too hard to talk them into it. Tac gets so excited and then can't wait to go get the arrows. Is it a bad thing when two of your baby's first words are "shoot" and "deer"? Not joking.

I blink and things like this happen.

We just got back from the state taxidermy convention. We had such a good time and learned so much. These are our competion pieces with our ribbons. I took a bobcat, Al took a whitetail, nilgai, and pronghorn, and Josh took a whitetail.  

Aren't my guys so sweet? This was for my birthday. Al brought me roses and Tac brought me carnations. It was precious seeing them walk in with their flowers. I'm a lucky girl.

Summer days. So much fun.

All my guys with their trophy pig. A 3-legged one to be exact.
 Wish the video wasn't so blurry so you could see Tac's face. He's having a blast.
 After the taxidermy convention we went to Uncle Bill and Aunt Kristi's. I think Tac would move in with them in a heartbeat. He is definatly a little fish and isn't the least bit afraid of the water. Makes me a little afraid....

 I know it was probably wrong to post this picture, but it was pretty funny after the fact.
Tac just doesn't understand why he can't get up there with daddy.

This past weekend everyone came in to help Al get the electrical in on the house. It was soooo hot and the guys worked so hard, but I thought it was kind of fun. Kind of like the old days of barn raising when all your family and neighbors came in to help you build. I never got a picture of all them together, but our electrical crew consisted of Al, Josh, Curtis, Dad, Trever, and Wayne....and Tac whenever he could get a hold of one of their tools.

The guys putting in Al's safe door, which according to Al is the most important part of the house. He swears that angels start singing everytime he opens it up.

Trever, Dad, & Curtis


Just wanted to show ya'll how the house is coming along. I'm so excited- every day I have to make myself not start packing.