Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here's to a good dog

Well, today has been one of the most rotten ones we've had in quite some time. I guess you know you're definately from the South when you shed more tears over your dog than you did the last time you had a close relative die. This morning Buster was headed over to the farm store and was run over. I know everyone thinks their dog is the coolest, but Buster was certainly one of a kind, to say the least. He's been a great gin dog, hunting buddy and a definate member of the family. Buster was actually bred in England, and since he spends so much time out in the gin with the guys, we always joked that he was the only dog that spoke spanish with an English accent. When I was little a movie I loved was "All Dogs go to Heaven." I know we've all got our own visions and expectations about what heaven is going to be like, and I often wonder about there being animals in heaven. Al believes there will atleast be deer in heaven, else it wouldn't really be heaven. When a person we love dies I think we deal with it by knowing, if they're a believer, that they are in heaven and we will see them again some day. I think we get just as attached to animals sometimes, and so this morning when I was praying I couldn't help but ask God to give Buster a soul and let us see him again when we get to heaven. I know I'm rambling and this is silly but I shared with Buster lots of times and I do believe he was smart enough of a dog to have been a Believer. :) Either way, he was a gift from God, and was given to Al when he needed him most. May eveyone have the love, joy, and loyalty of a Buster in their life.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Taegan turned 5 months old yesterday! He is sitting up (sort of), scooting around, reaching out for things and really doing great. We've been crazy busy and seem to never stay home. In a 3 day time span we went from home to Granite Shoals, to Burnet, to Roundrock, to Buda, back to Burnet, and home. For the most part Tac handled it pretty well, but the morning after we got home as we were getting ready to go to church he screamed when we strapped him in his car seat. Poor baby. The next weekend we packed him back up again to go spend a few days at the deer lease in Leakey. If he's anything like his daddy though, there won't be a place that's too far of a drive if we're going hunting.

A monster in the making. My 3 boys. I wonder how many people have a car seat in their ATV. There must be some redneck joke about that.

This was at Taegan's baby dedication. The baby dedication just happened to be on my very first Mother's Day! It was such a special day, and Al really made me feel like a queen-- he gave me a day at the spa!

Eating with cousin Addi at Rosa's.

Watching a little tv with TJ.

We stayed with Uncle Bill, Aunt Kristi, and TJ while we were in Roundrock for a meeting. We had a great time-especially Tac! That evening he got to sport his new swimsuit. He loves the water and did really great. We're looking forward to floating the Frio this summer (even though it might be a tad cooler than the hot tub).

I couldn't help myself when I saw this little shirt.
Some day he's gonna hate all of the pictures I have of him, so I guess I'd better take advantage of his indifference now. :)

Making friends with the kitty. I have to teach him to love cats before daddy brainwashes him.

Helping mom out in the yard

Tac loves to jump in his tigger seat, but it puts him at eye level with Buster. Every time Buster walks by him he licks all the slobber off of Tac's face. Dog saliva is supposed to be antibacterial, right?