Monday, December 28, 2009

Well, he's officially here!! Taegan Allen Crisp (TAC) was born Dec. 20th at 6:06 pm. I wasn't due for 3 more weeks, so it was a little of a surprise. In fact, Al was actually gone for the weekend!! That morning when I went into labor he was still at the deer lease (if you can imagine!) ---in Leakey, 5 hours away!! To make things worse, his phone had died and he had forgotten to take a charger with him, so I had no way of reaching him. God was definately watching out for us, because Al decided to skip the morning hunt and come on home. He stopped in San Angelo and bought a charger so he could call me. I guess he could hear panic in my voice because when he got home he met me at the door with roses! He loaded me up and to the hospitol we went and by that evening we had a 6 lb 5 oz, 18 inch healthy baby! We had him home for Christmas and everything is going great. Thanks to all the wonderful friends we have that made his birth and time in the hospitol so special. Thanks also to everyone for helping us finish up our season and to our customers for being so understanding while we were out. We finished on Monday, with a grand total of 23,963 bales. What a great year! We got to take a week off, so today was my first day back at the gin, and besides being really behind, it went really good. At only 8 days old, Tac is getting an early start on learning to run a gin!

Taegan's first Christmas!!

We introduced the dogs to Tac officially on Christmas morning. Poor Buster- he's been with us through all the many animals that have come through our door, and as he sat there watching Tac cry, he had the most disgusted look on his face that said, "Well great. You brought home another pet." I'm not for sure that Buster doesn't think he's a rabbit. Ruger just wants to lick him all the time and steals his pacifier every chance he gets. I guess everyone will adjust!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We had a sonogram last Wednesday, so I thought I'd share a few pics. The little stinker was VERY uncooperative, and would not move his hands from out in front of his face. He's probably gonna be one of those kids that won't let you take his picture. You can see his fat little cheeks and lips though! He is extremely healthy, showing a weight of 5 lb 8 oz already!!! The doc also said he has long arms and legs and a big head. We're not sure how that happened exactly. I attached the picture below to show everyone the hair that he already has!! With long legs and hair, Al is convinced that this can't be his baby. The only discouraging news that we got is that the baby is still breech, so we are asking for everyone to please pray that he'll turn. As of today, I am exactly one month away from my due date. That still seems like forever, but I do atleast feel like we're in the final countdown! We will keep everyone updated- thanks for your prayers!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This is Al's mule deer that he got this past Sunday. He was soooo excited and has had a blast showing it off. We just haven't really agreed on where it's gonna go now.

These are some of the maternity pics that my sister-in-law, Crista took for us. She did such an amazing job!

Baby shower

These are pics from my baby shower, which was AMAZING!! Becca and Marla decorated in a cute pirate theme, and really outdid themselves. It was such a wonderful shower and we were so blessed by the love we were shown. Thank you to everyone for all that you've done for us!!
As of today, we are just under 18,000 bales and have a few weeks left to go. Maybe we'll be done before the baby arrives after all!