Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finished ginning!

A lot has happened since my last post, so please bear with me....

First of all, WE FINISHED GINNING!! With a total of 37,857 bales, this was a record year for us. The weather was great for the harvest and the gin ran really well so it was definately a good year! We've really come a long way with the gin, and now looking back, we're very grateful for those hard times. Thanks God.

Second, Tac turned one! I have to admit, I did cry on his birthday. I love being a mom and I wish he could just stay little. He really is a lot of fun. Tac is in what Al and I call "the 'coon stage". Everything he comes in contact with gets opened up, emptied out, taken apart, and scattered everywhere. Disclaimer--- if you happen to stop by my house, don't expect it to be clean. In fact, don't expect to see the floor. I try to clean, I really do. But remember the "baby magic" I told about a few posts ago? It's incredible that someone so small can accomplish the things he does. Oh, and by the way, the term "child proof" is a myth. There's no such thing.

We've also been busy at our place at Duck Creek. Al keeps a constant project going and has done so many cool things. And, at New Years he killed his first buck on our very own place.....

I'm not sure which one was more excited. It was really a sweet time and we'll always remember that day.

"Did you see what my daddy brought me???"

Poor thing, he's already ruined. Don't all mothers let their babies play with deer heads?

Meet the newest member of our family, a beautiful white, blue-eyed lab. Tac loves his new puppy!


This was Christmas as Mom and Dad's. There's no trying to compete with grandparents. I counted 42 clips I took out of my hair when she was done. You can't even imagine how beautiful I was.

Christmas morning--

Isn't it funny how our Christmas pj's match our personalities-- Tac in cute polar bears, me in flannel snowflakes, and Al and the Grench. I figure I only have a few more years of them cooperating with me on that.


At the stock show--

I never got a good picture of him, but Tac was decked out in his boots, wranglers, pearl snap shirt, rhinestone belt, and cowboy hat. What a stud.

The animals were pretty neat, but the coolest part of the day was getting a trophy. He carried it around for hours.


We like cake. A lot.

We had his birthday party at Mom and Dad's. It took two cars to get all the presents back home.
Thanks everyone. Espcially for those presents that make noise everytime you look at them.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I'll let you decided which is which.

This was at Tripp's birthday party. There were 5 little boys all within 3 months of each other. It'll be neat to watch them all grow up together. We decided at the party that instead of starting college funds we'll just start a bail fund.

This is Al's new toy.

I know this is an odd picture to post, but it just makes me laugh. I was unloading the dish washer and as I put the dishes away, Tac was taking any dishes he could carry and loading them in his Tonka truck. In addition to constantly cleaning up messes, we are also constantly searching for things. After going through several remote controls, we now have those tied to dumbbells.

Working at Duck Creek- Al, Dad, and Trever building a porch

Some of his 12 month pics that Crista did:

"help... I'm surrounded by girls."

These were at Addi's birthday party at Jumping Jungle

Tac and cousin Addi