Saturday, April 14, 2012

House tour!

                    "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain."  Psalm 127:1

    Well, after a few months of getting moved, settled, and rearranged we are LOVING our new home!! What an amazing gift to get to build our dream house. There are some nights that Al and I lay in bed and ask each other, "Is this really real?" We are so amazingly blessed. May our home and the household within always glorify Him.  
    I know by now many of you have already seen our new home, but we have many friends and family that live far away wanting to see it. I thought I'd give a little tour of the house for all of you. So.....  
                                                    .....Come on in!!

                                      Welcome! This is the entry way.

                               The kitchen- probably my favorite thing about the house

                                   This is from the kitchen looking into the living room

                                                           The living room

You may have noticed this picture over the fire place-- This was Al's Christmas present from me. Our friend, the very talented Linda Mayfield, drew this portrait of Al and Tac.

This is from the living room looking upstairs

                                                          The dining room

                                     My sun room (I've always wanted a sun room!)

 This is what I call the mud room area. A great place to hang your jacket and wash off your boots-- or a little boy. This is right next to our back door, and the ladder leads up to the game room.
                                         This hallway is right off of the front door. It leads to...

                                                      ...A bathroom for guests,...

                                                            ...The laundry room,...

                                                     ...and into our bedroom.
 This is another favorite of mine-- my double sided fire place. (My tub is on the other side) Al says that I keep it so hot in there that he needs an oxygen mask most of the time, but I just love my fire place. :)

                                                             Our bathroom

                                                                 Our closet

                                         This is an office, built-in under the stair way

                                                             Up the stairs...

                                              Looking down into the living room

           Tac's room

                                                            And his vanity

             Ainsley's room
                              And her vanity

               The game room. This is where most of our living (and our messes) take place.

                                                           The guest room

                                             And finally, the upstiars guest bathroom

This completes the tour, but we'd love for any of you to stop by any time. (Just don't expect it to be as clean as it is in these pictures.) Thanks for indulging us in our excitement!!