Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I can't believe spring is already here! I have to admit, this is definately my favorite time of year but it just seems to go so fast. We seem to stay busy and are constantly running and have a dozen projects going at all time. Taegan is doing great and is really a lot of fun right now at 15 months old. He has reached two stages that I've been dreading though: (1) he can reach the top of the counter, and (2) he's figured out how to unscrew lids and open up things. I currently have the number to Poison Control Center posted on my fridge and I have had to call it. Keeping up with him is exhausting but I'm loving every minute!Nana and Papa got to come up for a visit and we really had a good time. We went up to Duck Creek to show them all the changes we've made.

This cracks me up. He realy thinks he's working and it's almost believable!
Redneck baby if I ever saw one.

Tac's first haircut!
How many people can you fit in a ranger?
The family that drives together stays together. :)
This is Al's Nilgai he got at the end of January. We went on this hunt in south Texas with Brent and a couple other guys. The nilgai wieghed close to 550 lbs and had 9" horns. And he tasted pretty good too. At 550 lbs I think we'll be tasting him for a while!!

While in south Texas, we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. I can't even believe it's been that long. Makes me feel a little old to know we're not newlyweds anymore. We got a house on the beach, left a baby with the grandparents, and had a great couple of days! Finally, our big day!! For the last 7 years we've taken pictures of houses, cut out things in magazines, and drawn on napkins, and now we have the amazing blessing of getting to build our dream house. The house will be directly behind our current house, next to the gin. I'm sure the contractors are gonna love having me right there handy to watch every thing they do and offer my much needed help and suggestions.... and change my mind 30 times. I am more excited than anyone could imagine- hence the shovel I painted gold for our "groundbreaking ceremony"- and I know the next few months are going to go really slow, but this is such a sweet time in our lives and we are so thankful!
This was our February snow! It got down to -2 degrees at our house. Tac thought it was the coolest thing ever and then afterward he got to eat snow ice cream, which wasn't too bad either.

We cooked for Indian Canyon ranch again this year for their roundup. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Below, you'll see what happens when you let a toddler entertain himself while you try to cook and get things ready to take to the ranch. This is my closet. Or what's left of it. It's like having my very own tazmanian devil.

The boys in Al's reloading room working hard. I know what you're wondering, and the answer is yes.... we do have a room solely dedicated to reloading bullets. Tac is gonna know how to load a cartridge by the time he's 2.
Tac and Cotton getting dirty. Always. It's getting harder to bathe them together, though.
Brittany got to come down for her spring break. She wanted to see the place at Duck Creek, so we made the sacrifice and spent a few days down there.

Diggin ditches. We have a system. Al digs the dirt out and Tac rakes it all back down.
The guys have worked really hard at Duck creek over the past couple of months. The fruits of their labor..... a new fence, 2 new gates, and an entryway.

The snow at Duck Creek was breathtaking. It sure was hard to leave it and go back home.

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