Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So let me tell ya'll of my crazy experience last night-- I took the dogs out walking when I got home. We went out behind the house, made it to the burr pile and then out in the field. When we got out there, I saw a coyote in the distance run off. I thought he was gone, so the dogs continued to run and play. Then I looked up and saw the coyote watching us. He started toward the dogs and I got scared. I was running toward him yelling and waving my arms. He kept coming and would circle from one side to the other trying to get us cornered. The dogs never saw him, which was a complete God thing, because if they had've the fight would've been on, and I don't think Team Crisp would've been the winner. I was screaming and getting scared when I had a revelation-- I had my phone in my pocket. I called Al, and in the time he was able to get a gun, get in the car, drive down there, and get in the field, the coyote continued to follow us. Al shot him (my hero!) and we're all fine. In all of Al's hunting coyotes, we have never seen one this aggressive. I could just see the coyote sitting there thinking, "Okay, I'll start off with those silly dogs, and then I'll have the fat one for dessert."

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